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Milligan’s Maple Syrup is a family owned and operated company founded in 2014 by Kevin and Mike Milligan at the bequest of Jana Milligan (Mom’s know best). Milligan’s Maple Syrup is carefully crafted from maple sap to pure maple syrup with no other ingredients added. Milligan’s syrup is produced in small batches to provide optimal taste for customers. Milligan’s Maple Athens is one of the largest certified family sustainable forests in Ohio, consisting of 2,500 taps. Milligan’s Maple Athens is powered by a significant source of renewable energy as of 2022 with the addition of solar panels. Milligan’s Maple Athens utilizes a wood fired evaporator (using wood from fallen trees) as its fuel source opposed to oil or natural gas which is common among other producers.

In 2024 Milligan’s Maple acquired additional taps in Middlefield, Ohio and Edgar, Wisconsin. Milligan’s Middlefield has 5,500 taps and Milligan’s Wisconsin boasts over 12,000 taps making our combined tap count around 20,000! We made these strategic acquisitions to help mitigate the risks that climate change poses to our harvest, along with helping reduce food miles traveled and strengthening our supply chain. All of the pure maple syrup produced at our three sugarbushes is made by a wood fired evaporator with the upmost commitment to artisan quality and consistency.

Milligan’s is also one of the few maple syrup companies nationwide who offer a bourbon barrel aged pure maple syrup, which blends the unique flavor of pure maple syrup while the bourbon barrel imparts a rich oaky flavor with hints of vanilla and a smooth finish. Milligan’s exclusively sources bourbon barrels from only the finest distilleries in Kentucky.

Milligan’s Maple Syrup has been featured several times on the Food Network and supplies many top breakfast and brunch restaurants voted on by OpenTable throughout the United States. Milligan’s Maple Syrup has farm to table partnerships in 17 different states (Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and California) and counting!

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